Transmutation allows us to identify the source of the pain, bring it to our consciousness and then change it to a desired state. In the process we gain insight, wisdom, peace, clarity, empowerment, and grow to a new level.

The process includes the following:

  • Identifying the undesired state of being (i.e. an undesired emotion like anxiety, stress, depression, mistrust, fears, anger, fear of failure, etc.) or a belief that you have and would like to change, (i.e. I am not lovable, attractive smart; I dislike money, etc.),
  • Engaging with it to identify the lesson it holds for you
  • Embodying that lesson
  • Asking the undesired energy to:
    • either leave and watch it go and disappear¬† Then ask for the new energy that will serve your highest good to appear in the form of an animal.
    • or transmute into the energy that will serve you for your highest good
  • Embodying the new energy
  • Seeing yourself live, feel and interact in this new state
  • Mindful self-monitoring and doing your homework

Everything that happens has a purpose and most events and emotions are opportunities to learn and grow. By using the transmutation process you are turning darkness into light, suffering into empowerment, and you are planting a seed to a fearless, connected life. By transmuting one layer at a time you are creating the new you. What will the new you be like?

Just imagine being free of stress, anxiety, fear, doubt and worry because they are replaced by a permanent state of inner peace, trust, gratitude, love, and knowing; where control is replaced by intention, trust and co-creation; where the sun no longer needs to shine outside because it is always shining inside; where you no longer need to meditate because you are in a permanent state of meditation; where you no longer need a vacation because you are in a permanent state of calmness, peace and relaxation; where personal, family or business decisions are made from a perspective of abundance, collaboration, trust, honoring, support and co-creation rather than fear, survival, competition, expectations or unexamined paradigms; where enlightenment does not come in a temporary state from imagining the light, but in a permanent state from embodying the light that was found inside the darkness.

Imagine a life where there are no emotional triggers, where your thoughts and emotions no longer control you, but you control them. A life where you can feel OK being in an undesired state knowing that you will step out of it and into the desired one once the lesson is acquired. Imagine a life where you no longer need, but instead you choose; where you are infinitely happier, positive, centered, calm, unaffected by others, and because of that you are better at everything you do.

You can achieve a lot more and be peaceful at the same time.

The journey is your own. You are in charge of it. It will end up wherever you set your sights to. Aim high, be strong and have faith. Every step is like planting a flower seed. Eventually you will look back and see nothing but a beautiful flower garden. The next post will be a shamanic journey that will help you start seeding your garden.