I can’t help a smile forming every time I think of “The Path”. It is the most wondrous path and the most amazingly gratifying one we can ever experience. The smile is really because you have no idea what you are getting yourself into. And if you did, you would have never waited as long as you did. If you think that the sandbox, the playground, the arcade, Disney World, vacationing in Bora-Bora, doing an African safari, climbing Everest, spending time with the Dalai Lama, or the most mind blowing experience you have ever had were fun and rewarding, they don’t compare.

You are in for the awesomest ride of your lifetimes. What a ride it will be. While on it, you will be looking back and saying: Wow, not only did I never know, not only is my mind blown, not only do I know and understand things I never knew or understood before, not only do I know me in ways I never did before, but I AM DIFFERENT. I am free, I am connected, I am plugged in to the universal oneness, I am completely aware, and I feel complete. I feel the flow, I feel the universe and my place in it. I can co-create. I am the authentic me, the divine being I am meant to be. I never knew, and I am blessed to know. How can I pass it forward?

Are you ready? You must have will. Unbending, uncompromising will. Single minded, single focused will to walk the path no matter what. No excuses, no shortcuts, no complaints. No obstacles and no tests are too big to overcome. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead. No price is too big to pay. It is a self-centered process with unimaginable positive global consequences. Will is the key requirement. The rest will come. And oh how it will!!

The path is an inner journey that helps us ascend from suffering to states of empowerment, wisdom and fearlessness. We can start our journey by simply paying attention to anything that elicits an emotional response. It is a sign that we have something to look at and transmute, so that we can complete part of our journey. Transmutation is the process of turning suffering into bliss, of transforming undesired states of being into desired ones. The process of ascendance to higher states is inherently rooted in the transmutation process. As we start to transmute the energies that hold us back, we start to by default step into higher states of awareness and consciousness.

As part of the transmutation and ascendance processes, your energy system will change, your perceptions will shift and your thoughts, words, priorities and life will change. These changes will be palpable and your energy will start to create change in your entire environment. Your spirit, soul, mind and body will be in congruence and perfect alignment. Your entire being will be in synchronicity with the universal oneness and the divine light energy. You will sense and feel like never before. There will be an energy of joy, love, bliss, grace and beauty that you never knew existed. And you will not just know it. You will be it.