Integrative, mutli-disciplinary Transformational Services

“With what astonishment and veneration may we look into our own souls, where there are such hidden stores of virtue and knowledge, such inexhaustible sources of perfection. We know not yet what we shall be, nor will it ever enter into the heart to conceive the glory that will be always in reserve for it.” Joseph Addison

Our Soul (also known as our subconscious, our energy or our emotional body) is our eternal essence. It holds all information and is one of the sources that informs our mind and affects our perception and our thoughts, which then create our life.

Using a unique blend of Soul centric Shamanic, Western and Eastern techniques, we intervene directly on the Soul level and clear emotional traumas, blockages, fears, triggers or afflictions and replace them with knowledge, understanding, wisdom, empowered states of being. These transformational Soul shifts will also transform your perception, thoughts and life. You will be empowered and will step into your own “hidden stores of virtue and knowledge” and manifest your own “inexhaustible sources of perfection

These techniques include :

Transmutational Healing

A direct and transformative path for the Soul, Mind and Body

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Energy Clearing

A Chakra and energetic system clearing process

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A process of attuning and healing the body’s energy system

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With common threads running through all these modalities, their combination creates a powerful transformational and empowerment process. Each modality has its own techniques, and the overall process and flow in a session has no set protocol. As each person is different, with a different set of circumstances, history, needs and goals, the process adapts itself to the specific client, drawing from each modality that which is best suited to serve the client’s intent and highest good in the most effective and efficient manner.

Healing the soul re-informs and releases the mind and body of afflictions, increases awareness, and transforms thoughts from negative or doubtful to positive, love filled, affirming ones. A healed soul and positive thoughts set in motion the creation of positive self-empowerment, setting us on our path to self-actualization, the attainment of your highest potential, and “the glory that will be always in reserve for you”.

With your intent and resolve leading the process, we will facilitate your journey to your complete and extraordinary self.