Dime I., Greece


Pepi, I am blessed, along with Mary and Mariza that also led me to You, an angel sent from above. Thank you for all the love, the care, the positive outcome, the feeing of serenity, the return to my core. Thank you for everything. Words can not describe the feelings I have, but a capital THANK YOU!!



Stephen – P., Geneva, Switzerland


Lazaros took me on a wonderful journey that helped me clarify my purpose and attitude towards my current situation. Once i heard the answers to my questions, it really made sense and resonated as the right thing for me. He highlighted what was already here!

I really thank Lazaros not only for being a great guide to my own magic, but also for being a wise mentor who gave me valuable advice from his personal experience.

Much Love from France!



Anna Maria L., Greece


They talked to me for years about Pepi and I was still late to go! I said the right time would come! Until I lost my brother and without a second thought I contacted her to help me cope and endure! It helped to clear my mind, to think clearly and to lift the weight of the inconceivable that I felt! Day by day, time by time I felt even stronger! With positive energy, it gave me hope and a little of its light! Pepi is an incredibly charismatic person, and I am very grateful!

 Anna Maria


Stefani P., Portugal



I wanted to once again, thank you for everything. I have been feeling a huge influx in energy and happiness, where each day I have found a moment to feel so good to just be alive, and feel so lucky for everything I have. So many of the physical symptoms I was having with my thyroid I have been able to manage to the point of almost non-existence.
I am not sure I had any expected outcome or understanding of what was needing to come of our meditation together, but I know that you provided me some good tools to continue forward with general health and healing. I also have realized that I have so much to learn about meditation and just general awareness of my spiritual well-being, and as I said, you have given me the tools to keep learning.


Reine W., Paris, France


I’m very fortunate to have Lazaros as a spiritual guide and friend in my life.

Lazaros has an incredible way of listening, giving you space and confidence. Thanks to his accurate guidance, I got confident in my psychic abilities, able to understand the messages of the invisible, and apply them to my daily life, and work.

If you’re fortunate to cross his road – don’t miss out, grab your chance and journey with him, for a new world will appear on your horizon!

With gratitude and love.

Reine W.


Amandine R., Los Angeles


“Thank you very much Lazaros for this amazing session.
You show up into my life exactly at the right time, right moment as an angel. I was deep into a process to go to the core of my issue of my life, which is affective co-dependency, and thanks to your technique, thanks to your guidance, thanks to your intuition you managed to bring me back to and heal the pain.
The pain of this synergy of my mother being dysfunctional emotionally in pain and wounded, and my father emotionally unavailable, I kept repeating this type of relationship into my life. Thanks to your guidance, your patience, I managed to step into my power of divine feminine and become the Goddess of who I am.
So from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for being who you are and for being an instrument of the divine.”


Kimberly B., Crawford, CO


“Lazaros is a Master at facilitating energy healing through Journey!  I needed clarity around some personal relationship issues and I was lucky enough to have a session with him over the holidays.  WOW – it was amazing!  I’ve had a lot of experience with journeying over the past 15 years and I must say Lazaros is the real deal.  He is kind, compassionate, extremely intuitive and full of love for humanity.  I can’t think a better person to assist someone on their soul’s journey.  Lazaros – thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”


Bobby P., Burlington, VT


“The clarity and quietness I felt both internally and externally was incredible! After my session, I was really able to be happy with myself, with others, and the world. It helped me to reconnect with reality and gave me the healing I needed to accomplish certain goals. I even felt my thoughts as being more positive and more collected. I would definitely recommend this wonderful form of healing to everyone! I believe it will continue to change the world in a positive and beautiful way, and will help countless people in the process.”


Cynthia C., Pittsburgh, PA


“Lazaros first seemed to create a positive change in attitude in my 19 year old son who seemed to be struggling with some things. When he came home and told me about Lazaros and how happy he was with what he did, I thought it was pretty much all nonsense. BUT, I did see a difference in my son and he insisted I give Lazaros a call. I basically called Lazaros just to satisfy my son, but once I spoke with him and he did some work with me, I finally understood why my son had been so insistent. Lazaros is a gifted healer….I have experienced this gift, and for that I am grateful.”


Mack M, Aliso Viejo


“I found Lazaros to be sensitive, spiritual, and deeply attuned to my needs. He clearly has a gift that he is using. Lazaros guided me to access a couple of spaces in my spirit that needed more attention, and helped me to get to important, life-changing work.”


Marie R., Frederick, MD


“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the journey we shared. … The shift I have felt is incredible and the shift in my relationship is more than I ever expected. There is ‘love and like’ between us and it feels wonderful as our relationship begins to grow again.”


Roxann R., Los Angeles, CA


“I still have my healing homework up where I can view it. It reminds me of the day my life took yet another turn. I was lost and hurt and ready to die many times after the loss of my son, and now I see the gifts of my life lived and my life yet to live. Having Lazaros care enough about me to see me be healthy inside and out is like having a second chance at life. I embrace life and look forward to everyday”


Bobby F., Ponte Vedra, FL


“When I met Lazaros, my intention was to improve my golf game. Not only did he help me learn how to tap into the zone, but we also cured some personal problems in the process. After our work together, I improved my NCAA ranking from outside the top 1000 to inside the top 100. Spiritual Healing is an amazing process and I would recommend Lazaros to anyone who has obstacles they would like to overcome.”


Judy S., Tucson, AZ


“I had a session with Lazaros and am extremely pleased with the results! I had issues of being comfortable with who I am and with my weight. I saw a change immediately. I left feeling good about myself and lost my obsession with food. Now I make healthy choices without the struggle and feel so much more relaxed. I am much more relaxed around people and have lost the fear and self-consciousness that kept me from interacting with others. Lazaros gave me a personalized meditation to use to further anchor in these changes at the cellular level. It has been a week since my session and I feel better everyday. Besides all of this, he is a very caring, gentle person with wonderful energy.”


Diana O., Aliso Viejo, CA


“Thank you so much for your work/connection with me. I’m in so much of a happier, healthier place than ever before.”


Carol M., Ponte Vedra, FL


“You are a real special person and the only one that can help me through my problems. You have a special gift from God.”


Chris S., Boulder, CO


“Over the past several years I have enjoyed the support of some very good mediums, coaches and therapists. I consider myself well-attuned and grounded spiritually and emotionally. However, the nature and kind of work that I experienced with Lazaros was truly exceptional. I found him open, generous with his time, patient and trustworthy. In my work with him I resolved some long-standing issues and achieved considerably greater understanding and depth of awareness. In addition, I learned  how I can continue to make changes in my life using approaches he taught me. Overall, my deeper connection to Spirit and to my own spirit were the greatest gifts from my work with Lazaros.”