About Lazaros

A Gift

I was born with a gift. While younger, I used my healing skills on myself not understanding much about them, just that they worked.

During my early and mid-thirties, in a quest to always be in my center and speak my truth, I experienced the healing and transformative shifts of hypnotic trance, Shamanic healing and spirit guided meditations.

In awe of their healing and transformative powers, I sought out training and understanding in order to pass the gift forward. After being initiated into shamanism, I completed the “Light Body School” shamanic training by Alberto Villolbo, participated in a shamanic training workshop with Sandra Ingerman, completed the Advanced Alchemical Healing training with Nicki Scully, studied African Shamanism and Ecstatic States as part of my post graduate work at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), trained in Reiki and BodyTalk, learned Ho’Oponopono, and became a licensed hypnotist after completing hypnosis training with Gerald Kein at Omni Hypnosis.

In the process I came to know my Soul’s journey:
– to let go of all fears and emotional states
– to bring forth the lessons learned and pass them on to those that need them
– to respect darkness for its infinitesimal spec of light and help it transmute to its highest good
– to listen with my heart, love unconditionally and see the beauty and love of the Divine in me and in all
– to love, accept and forgive myself for my transgressions and others for theirs
– to always speak my truth kindly and be impeccable in my word
– to co-create with the Divine, loving flow of the universe
– to be love, joy, grace, equanimity, transcendence and gratitude
– to be in alignment with the synergistic synchronicity of the Divine flow
I also learned my Souls’ purpose for this lifetime: to facilitate change, to help others heal, to be empowered to live a life of authenticity, purpose and love.
After years of practice and workshops in the US and Europe, and with the help of Spirit, I developed a Transmutational healing process that allows us to heal Soul traumas and mental processes at the root, and shift them into wisdom and empowerment. The shifts are life changing. At times, one session will provide us the answers and healing we seek. Other times, it may evolve multiple sessions. It depends, to a great extent, on the situation at hand, the end goal and the person’s willingness and commitment.

We all deserve a life of grace and love. Healing the soul and balancing our symbiotic and synergistic parts reconnects us to our true integral self, our congruent spirit-soul-mind-body I AM eco-system, and empowers us to live our life’s purpose with love, compassion and joy.

The journey has been a Divine Gift worth passing forward!

May yours be as powerful and swift!