Energy Clearing

Our soul’s luminous energy body connects to our physical body through seven major funnel-like vortexes of energy called Charkas. The word ‘Chakra’ comes from Sanskrit that dates back to as early as 1500 BC. It translates as “wheel”, or “disk” or “turning”.

Each Chakra is associated with particular parts of the body and a gland. They transfer prana (vital life force energy) throughout the body to nourish the physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. When the chakras are clear, energy is flowing freely and a sense of physical wellbeing is achieved. Unresolved emotions such as conflict, loss, fear, anxiety and stress and other emotional traumas can create energetic blockages in the Chakras. These blockages disrupt the harmonious flow of energy and can eventually cause disease, as well as emotional and mental disorders in the physical body.

Energy clearing restores the balance and harmonious flow of the Chakra system as well as the entire body’s energy system, re-informing our mental, emotional and physical aspects. It consists of:

  • chakra clearing and balancing;
  • intrusive energy removal; and,
  • energy body restoration.

Chakra System

First Chakra :



Muladhara, Root or Base Chakra, Safety and Security Center.

Location : The perineum.

Color : Red.

Element : Earth.

Instinct : Survival, procreation. Fear is felt in this Chakra and it controls your sense of survival, or your fight or flight response.

Sense : Smell.

Associated body parts : Muladhara Chakra’s energy starts at the perineum. It sources the lower body, feet & hands with life force energy, as well as initiates the upward flow of energy along and around the spine. Energetically governs the colon, strength of bones, adrenaline, blood, male sex organs, prostate, lymph system, skeleton system (teeth and bones), the sacral plexus, bladder and elimination system,  and the nose, since it is the organ of the sense of smell and associated with survival.

Endocrine gland : Gonads (testosterone, estrogen).

Consciousness : Security, survival, trust; the relationship with self, others, money, home, job; the ability to be grounded and present in the ‘here and now’. A person’s connection with Mother Earth. Living fully present in the physical body.

In balance : Grounded, centered, fully present in the physical body and the “here and now”, stable, secure, ambitious, determined, active, good use of physical energy, trusting of abundance/survival, healthy relationship with food, sex and $, an overall sense of vibrant life force energy

Out of balance : When this chakra is weak, you may feel chronic fatigue, resentment, rigidity, overly cautious, afraid of change, needing someone to light a fire under you, insecurity as a general perceptual filter, fear, abandonment, terror, threat to survival, depressed, overweight, constipated, underweight, ungrounded, hoarding and feeling cold from poor circulation. When it is over energized, you may feel anger, aggression, indulgence with food/alcohol/sex/$, addictive behavior, oversexed, reckless, too impulsive or belligerent, and display predatory behavior or mindless violence.

Human Talent: Acceptance, abundance.

Second Chakra:


Svadhisthana, Sacral Chakra, Hara, Sensation Center.

Location: The center of the abdomen, about two fingers below the navel.

Color: Orange.

Element: Water.

Instinct: Sexuality.

Sense:Taste, appetite.

Associated body parts: Swadisthana Chakra’s energy starts below the navel and governs the low belly, hips & lower back. It nourishes the health of the bladder, kidneys, urinary tract, female reproductive organs, adrenal glands (shared with the sacral chakra), sexual organs, lumbar plexus, intestines, the low belly, hips & lower back.

Endocrine gland: Adrenal glands (adrenaline).

Consciousness: The emotional body; a person’s willingness to feel their emotions; food and sex; what the body wants, needs and finds pleasurable; ability to have children.

In balance: Creative, sensual, in the now, patient, ability to “go with the flow,” sociable, comfortable with feelings and emotions, flexible in body and mind, able to birth new ideas, projects, etc.

Out of balance: If this chakra is weak, you may feel disconnected from emotions, impatient, stuck in the past, fear, guilt, unresponsive sexually and emotionally, unoriginal, repressed, have anxiety about future, bladder/kidney problems, female reproductive issues, or be anti-social or unable to “step into new form”. Overactive can make one feel lustful, selfish, arrogant, or be controlling or perfectionist.

Human Talent: Creativity, compassion, family.

Third Chakra:


Manipura, Solar Plexus Chakra, Power Center.

Location: Solar plexus.

Color: Yellow.

Element: Fire, the sun.

Instinct: Power.

Sense: Eyesight.

Parts of the Body: Manipura Chakra’s energy starts above the navel & governs the mid belly & mid back. Energetically governs the health of your digestive organs, stomach, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, spleen, the large intestine, adrenal glands (shared with the sacral chakra), the muscular system, the skin as a system, the solar plexus, the abdomen.

Endocrine Gland: The pancreas

Consciousness: Perceptions concerned with power, courage, control, freedom, self-expression, mental activity, intellect and thinking process, our personal power, the ego, anger, strength and ability to take action.

In balance: Healthy digestion, no holding of resentment, free of anger, clear thinking, focused, joyful, blissful, positive self esteem & self confidence, inquisitive, effective use of blood glucose, sense of personal power & unique personality, ability to exercise one’s will.

Out of balance: A weak solar plexus chakra can mean a mental slump, lethargy, low energy, victimization, shame, and feeling doubtful, fearful, overcautious, confused, unconfident, depressed, prone to negative thinking, sad, gloomy, a lack of curiosity, too much alcohol, chemically-processed foods. Overactive, it can cause nervousness, digestion problems, mental overload, anger, greed, sorrow, pride, ego inflation, neurosis, temper tantrums, and a general disharmony.

Human Talent: Commitment, courage, power, autonomy, individuation, selfless service, fulfillment of dreams, longevity.

Fourth Chakra:



Anahata, Heart Chakra, Living Love Center.

Location: Center of the chest.

Color: Emerald Green.

Element: Air.

Instinct: Love.

Sense: Senergetic connnection, relating to another through senergetic awareness (what one feels or senses inside one’s energetic self).

Parts of the body: Anahata Chakra’s energy starts at the heart muscle and spans upper arms to upper back, just under shoulders. Energetically governs the heart, the blood circulatory system, the cardiac plexus, the lungs and the entire chest area.

Endocrine Gland: Thymus Gland, controlling the immune system.

Consciousness: Perceptions of love, hope, compassion, intimacy. Connecting with the world through the heart.

In balance: An overall sense of balance, a sense of spaciousness in life, compassion, generosity, filled with love for other people, the environment, balanced in: giving/receiving, doing/being, self/others, earthly self/heavenly self, active/inward energy

Out of balance: When too weak, you may have low self-esteem, feel insecurity, fear, attachment, resentment, grief, loneliness, abandonment, betrayal, sense of “not enough time,” extremes in being overly concerned with others, lack of care for self or greatly removed from other people or overly selfish, dislike of nature, disconnected from love and loving feelings. When overactive, you may be overconfident, jealous, selfish, or have a big ego; asthma, difficulty with breathing, or with the lungs indicates tension in the Heart Chakra.

Human Talent: Unconditional selfless love, compassion, forgiveness.

Fifth Chakra:


Visuddha, Throat Chakra, Cornucopia Center.

Location: Base of the throat.

Color: Sky blue.

Element: Light.

Instinct: Psychic expression.

Sense: Hearing.

Parts of the body: Visshudha Chakra’s energy starts at the shoulders & nourishes up to and including the ears. Energetically governs the neck, jaw, throat, vocal cords, trachea, esophagus, bronchial tubes, upper lungs, mouth, teeth, gums, nostrils, ears, sense of taste, smell and hearing, arms, hands.

Endocrine Gland: Thyroid, parathyroid.

Consciousness: State of Grace. Expressing and receiving. Expressing or communicating one’s truth, what one knows, wants, feels, intuits or perceives, through verbal or artistic expression. Bringing to the outside what was within, guiding one in an optimal flow in which one sees one’s goals manifest, with the Universe providing all their needs with no effort on their part. Abundance is associated with this chakra, as is the aspect of unconditional receiving necessary to accept the abundance of the Universe. This is the first level of consciousness in which one perceives directly another level of being, and experiences one’s interaction with this other being. Metaphysically, this chakra is related to creativity, creating, manifesting in the physical world the fulfillment of one’s goals.

In balance: Effective communication of heart’s desires and needs, peaceful communication, good listening ability, inspiring to others via media pursuits & creativity related to speech, writing, expression, overall sense of calm, relaxation & peacefulness

Out of balance: When weak, this may cause an inability or fear to speak out and express your feelings and ideas, to withhold words, or to surrender to others, unclear communication, holds back communication, storage of resentment or anger around communication, poor listener, agitated, overly excited, issues with mouth, teeth, gums, ears. An overactive throat chakra may result in negative speaking, criticizing, domineering words, hyperactive attitude, over-reacting, stubborn beliefs, denial, abruptness, betrayal, addictions, psychosis, lies, sleep disorders, toxicity.

Human Talent: Truth, personal power, faith, will.


Sixth Chakra:


Ajna, Brow Chakra, Third Eye, Consciousness Awareness Center.

Location: Between the eyebrows.

Color: Indigo, Midnight Blue.

Element: Pure light.

Instinct: Truth.

Sense: Extra Sensory Perception, all the inner senses corresponding to the outer senses, which together are considered spirit-to-spirit communication. These include, for example, clairvoyance (inner sense of vision), clairaudience (inner sense of hearing), and clairsentience (inner sense of touch).

Parts of the body: Ajna Chakra’s energy starts at approximately the bridge of the nose on the front body and below the occipital bone on the back of the head. Energetically governs the sinuses, the physical eyes, the central nervous system, the balancing of the brain, the pineal gland & the pituitary gland (shared with the crown chakra), the forehead, temples, ears, lower brain, and the carotid plexus.

Endocrine Gland: Pineal.

Consciousness: Clear integral vision. Perceptions of existence and interconnectedness from the spiritual perspective, the point of view from the deep part of our being where our truth and interconnectedness is found. The level of consciousness that directs our actions and our lives in view of the co-creative aspects of the universe.

In balance: Great ability to trust inner wisdom, intuition and inner images, connection to psychic abilities, a visionary, relaxed brow bones & eyes

Out of balance: When weak, this center may cause self-doubt, forgetfulness, an inability to trust your instincts, confusion, depression, inadequacy, headaches, disconnected from reality, lack of trust in intuition, dull & dreary view of life, very analytical. If overactive, you may be oversensitive, spaced out, and experiencing delusion, neurosis, psychic overload, excessive compulsive mental problem-solving, or overly-confident/trusting.

Human Talent: Enlightenment, self-realization, intuition.

Seventh Chakra:



Sahasrara, Crown Chakra, Cosmic Consciousness Center, “I AM” Center.

Location:Top of the head.

Color: Violet.

Element: Illumination, inner light, the deepest part of our being.

Instinct: Universal ethics.

Sense: Sense of empathy, unity, experiencing another person’s experience as if you were inside them, being them. The gate to shape shifting.

Parts of the body: Sahaswara Chakra’s energy circulates at the top and center of your head. Energetically governs the pituitary gland (shared with the inner eye), the nervous system & a deep sense of balance in the brain.

Endocrine Gland: Pituitary.

Consciousness: Our feeling of “oneness” with the Universe, our spiritual wisdom, a final understanding, an alignment with our true inner spirit within. Perceptions of unity or separation, connection with our biological father, which becomes the model for our relationship with authority, and ultimately, relationship with Our Father in Heaven. It is the level of the Soul. When one experiences a sense of separation from their father, they close the crown chakra, and experience a sense of isolation and aloneness, as if they are in a shell, and having difficulty with feeling contact with those around them. Thought processes tend to reflect this state by justifying and maintaining the sense of aloneness.

In balance: Understanding your higher reason/purpose, a sense of selflessness & service to others, a release from reliance on the analytical mind, trusting of the mysterious nature of life, feeling a connection to Spirit, the Universe, a feeling of purity, a cool and calm nervous system, an ability to “get out of one’s own way,” awakening higher consciousness.

Out of balance: A weak crown chakra can cause a feeling of disconnection with the vital flow of life, psychosis, regression, cynicism, feeling uninspired, grief, misunderstood and practicing self-denial, ungrounded, confused, “floating in the heavens” and not grounded on the Earth plane, not wanting to be on the Earth, overall lack of trust.. Overactive, this may cause a disconnection with the earthly plane, being impractical, not connected with reality, over imaginative, need to analyze & control.

Human Talent: Transcendence, boundlessness, illumination.

Eighth Chakra:

Eighth Chakra: Soul connection center.

Location: Above the head. 

Color: Gold.

Element: Timelessness, architect of the body.

Instinct: Transcendence.

Sense: Self-actualization.

Parts of the body: None.

Endocrine Gland: None.

Consciousness: Uniqueness, self-creation, inter-connectedness. Recognition of our own unique journey through time and space in various incarnations and self-creations. Awareness of our karma (fate), the lessons and relationships we have carried through for resolution or have scripted for our lives. Awareness of the higher interconnectedness and the lack of coincidences. Awareness of dharma (destiny).

Human Talent: Being oneness. Walking both worlds simultaneously.

Ninth Chakra:

Ninth Chakra: Spirit connection center.

Location: About twenty inches above the head.

Color: Translucent white light, which, metaphysically, is considered to be the most subtle element of which the entire physical universe is created.

Element: None.

Instinct: Liberation.

Sense: Divinity.

Parts of the body: None.

Endocrine Gland: None.

Consciousness: That which creates and permeates all. Infinity, Universal Light, Universal Life Force, Oneness, Co-creation. Seeing one’s Self as the single consciousness creating all, and paradoxically, thus connected to all, like a dreamer dreaming a dream and realizing that all that is perceived is just an extension of their own consciousness.

Human Talent: Co-creation, manifestation.