Transmutational Healing

Transmutation facilitates the healing of undesired emotional and mental states, and the co-creation of new desired ones. It is founded on the precept that all “suffering” is an unprocessed and unlearned lesson. Transmutation engages Soul and Mind to heal any traumas at the root, acquire the lessons, transmute “negative” energies into positive ones, and shift negative thoughts into positive ones. This is a defining change in our emotional, mental and energetic states. The process broadens our awareness, raises our consciousness, infuses wisdom, and empowers us to create the foundation of conscious living and higher states of being.

Each process is unique. It is driven by the person’s intention and facilitated by Spirit guidance. It is incredibly effective and allows us to attain the desired states.

Clearing our Soul of undesired emotional states, automatically shifts mental states and allows us to step into a state of authenticity, inner joy and a life filled with purpose and love.

Transmutational healing can be either guided or self-induced through training or a variety of mystical, philosophical and religious practices.