Shamanic Alchemical Healing

Shamanism is the oldest divination and healing practice. It dates back more than 40,000 years and was practiced by native peoples of Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Greenland, North and South America and Siberia. Shamanic healing is a divinely guided soul healing process that is alchemical in nature. It manifests instantaneous and lasting shifts that accelerate the souls’ journey to purposeful living and higher consciousness.

Shamanic healing is based on the precept that we are spiritual, divine, energetic beings in physical bodies. When our luminous energy field, our soul, is healthy, it maintains health and order in our physical body, emotional state and mental faculties. In cases of severe trauma, pieces of our soul can separate creating soul loss. Statements such as, “I don’t feel whole or complete”, or “I feel like some part of me is missing”, or “I have never been the same since”, indicate probable soul loss. PTSD can be a strong indication of such affliction.

Much like an abused child hiding in a closet to protect itself, soul loss is a self-protection mechanism where a part of our essence, or soul, leaves the body so that we do not feel the full impact of the pain. This can also result in a blackout with the person being unable to remember part of the trauma. In the shamanic realm, when a piece of the soul leaves the body, it does not usually come back on its own. It awaits in the spiritual realm.

The shaman, in an altered state of consciousness, journeys into the spiritual realm, discovers the root cause of the wound, comprising of the physical, emotional and mental interaction that took place at the time, tracks down the soul part and returns it to the body of the client, along with empowering gifts and animal archetypes. Soul recovery and reunification is probably the most important aspect of shamanic healing. It creates immediate releases of non-serving emotional and mental patterns and facilitates instantaneous, alchemical in nature, shifts in consciousness and awareness.

The following shamanic processes are used to effectuate healing :
  • Soul retrieval and reunification
    Tracks and reunites soul parts separated due to extreme trauma
  • Spirit guide connection
    Introduction and connection to healing and guiding spirits
  • Illumination
    Releases imprints, heals the luminous field, infuses life energy into the chakra or body part that holds blocked energies and resets the soul’s energy to its innate vibration.
  • Ancestral inheritance clearing
    Releases ancestral ties and energies that carry patterns or settings predisposing you to certain physical, mental or emotional ailments or blockages
  • Karmic release
    Releases past-life ties and energies
  • Heavy energy removal / extraction
    Removes intrusive energies, and energetic blockages and intrusions
  • Luminous Rites Transmittances
    Energetic transfers assist the soul’s ascendance to higher consciousness
  • Final Rites
    Provides a peaceful transition of the soul to the other side
  • Psychopomp
    Assists souls that are stuck to transition to the other side

A healed soul provides increased sentient and mental awareness, strengthens the connection between the heart and mind, forms the foundation of individuation, and empowers us to fearlessly pursue our truth and our life’s purpose with love, joy, strength and happiness.