Alchemical Hypnotic Trance

Deeply relaxed trance states help bypass the conscious mind to access our subconscious and tap into its stored knowledge and awareness. They allows us to get in touch with our higher self and our inner knowing, as well as past events as early as the time in the womb, or even beyond. We can tap into repressed root causes or the initial sensitizing event of current discomforting emotions or psychological blockages that lie deep in our psyche far beyond our cognitive awareness.

Passing this information from the subconscious to the conscious mind and healing all associated emotions is the process known as catharsis. This catharsis allows our energy body to also receive the gifts of the lessons hidden in the events and the resulting emotions and thoughts that created our unwanted behavioral and life patterns. In this empowered state, we now have the clarity to create the foundation of conscious living and individuation.

Alchemical Trance can be either guided or self-induced through training or a variety of mystical, philosophical and religious practices.